Carnival Cruise Ships - bad air quality
Report reveals scandalous air pollution levels on Carnival Co. cruise decks.


Carnival Cruise Ships - bad air quality

Marine Habitat

Carnival Corp cruise ships put Arctic, Subarctic marine mammals at risk.
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Clean Up Carnival

We are pressing Carnival Corporation, the largest and most influential actor in the cruise sector, to take the lead and set industry environmental standards that others can follow. Simply put, Carnival needs to stop using heavy fuel oil in the Arctic, Subarctic, and Alaska.

Carnival logo with black smoke coming out of the smokestack.

Carnival’s Responsibility

As the largest player in the cruise industry, with ten brands worldwide offering trips to some of the most beautiful and fragile ecosystems on earth, Carnival Corporation has a responsibility to both the people it serves and the planet to be a leader in clean ships.


Take the clean cruising pledge

Carnival Corporation could choose to protect the Arctic, the climate, its passengers, and its employees by ditching the heavy fuel oil that currently powers most of the ships ints global fleet. Instead, it is doubling down on false solutions and half-steps.

Carnival may not be swayed by concerns of environmental degradation and toxic onboard air quality, but it will pay attention to consumer pressure. Carnival needs to understand that, until it becomes a clean cruising leader, it will lose out on thousands of potential customers – customers who care about the planet.

Carnival Cruise Ships - endangering the arctic

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