Carnival: Stop Dogging the Climate

Clean Up Carnival - Investigative report calls on Carnival to stop polluting the climate.Last week, Carnival, the world’s largest cruise company, was at the Westminster Dog Show to promote its luxury cruise brand, called the Cunard Line. activists were right there too, crashing the event to spread the word about the massive amounts of pollution created by Carnival’s ships.

Over the past decade, Carnival has increased its climate pollution by nearly 20%. While other industries are reducing their climate pollution, Carnival and the shipping industry are among the fastest growing sources of climate pollution and will account for nearly 20% of global climate pollution by 2050. In fact, Carnival’s fleet of ships produces as much climate pollution as 2.2 million cars, (roughly the number of cars registered in New York City.) That’s not good for anyone, including our four-legged friends at Westminster.

As the largest and most profitable cruise company in the world, Carnival has both the means and the responsibility to end its climate pollution.’s campaign to hold Carnival and the cruise industry accountable for polluting the climate is just getting started and with help from activists like yourself we look forward to pushing Carnival to clean up its act.