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Cruising may be the best way to see some of the world’s most exotic locations, but cruising also affects the health and vitality of the oceans, seas, and communities where cruise ships operate. That makes protecting the environment and biodiversity a critical area of focus for the cruise industry.

Travel agents are the most important link between customers and the cruise industry, with nearly 70 percent of travellers booking their cruise through a travel agent.[1] That means travel agents can play a major part in the quest to make cruising sustainable.

That’s why, a leading environmental organization, is launching Cruise News, a regular newsletter and news alert service, to keep travel agents up to date on cruising and the environment.


Last month a US federal judge imposed a $40 million fine on Carnival Corporation’s Princess Cruise Lines for illegally dumping oil contaminated waste and intentionally acting to cover it up. The judge also ordered that the engineer who alerted authorities be paid $1 million. According to a poll on, the first online community for the Travel and Tourism Industry, almost 70% of the travel trade agreed with the whistleblower’s action.[2]
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