5 Things to Pack for the Best Arctic Cruise EVER! (#5 will literally save your life)

Summer is around the corner and you’ve already drafted your Instagram #cruiselife selfies for your Arctic cruise. Now you’re trying to figure out what to pack. A hat, gloves, jacket, underwear, socks, and toiletries are probably obvious, but don’t forget these five things!

#1 Flip-flops

You’re already breaking in your fancy new hiking boots to keep your feet warm and dry. But what about when you’re back in your cabin and need a quick trip to the vending machine? Or what about cruising days with sunny weather? Those little piggies are going to get cramped and stinky in those boots. Put them in a thong (sandal) and get them some fresh Arctic air!

#2 Sunscreen

It’s true the sun’s rays get less intense as you travel further north. But it’s also true there is more daylight (in the summer, at least). When you add in the reflection from the water and all that ice and snow you’re staring at, you’re going to be spending two weeks in a nonstop ultraviolet lightshow. Nothing can ruin a vacation more than a bad sunburn, so lather up and say no to 24-hours of solar radiation damage.

#3 Semi-formal attire

Glaciers and wildlife are pretty and all, but your cruise ship probably has as much going on in the inside as it does the outside. We’re talking live music, dancing, and theater. Those zipper-at-the-knee hiking pants are a bit tacky for the ballroom. Pack your best suit or dress with some shoes to match (don’t even think about the boots or flip-flops) and get your boogie on with appropriate style.

#4 Underwater Camera (with a wrist strap!)

Even if you’re not comfortable squeezing into a dry suit and jumping into near-freezing water for those Silfra selfies, you’re still going to be surrounded by liquid that could destroy your phone or camera. There’s not enough room in your suitcase for all the rice it’d take to dry out your iPhone when it jumps from your frozen fingers into the sea during a Glacier Bay kayaking trip. GoPro, or go without photos.

#5 Air Monitor and Respirator

Take an air monitor to test out that black stuff billowing from the stacks. Chances are the results will make you not want to take another breath. But don’t let the fact your cruise ship is burning toxic fuel and poisoning you and the environment stop you from having the best cruise vacation ever. So put on a breathing mask and keep your lungs clean while you lounge on the deck pondering the ways the soot from your cruise ship is destroying the Arctic climate.

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