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Carnival’s Pollution puts families … your clients…at risk

“Our research shows that even short-term exposure to air pollution – just one or two hours – can have a lasting, negative impact on the heart and circulation . . . If you are worried about your health and are travelling on a cruise ship, it is best to try and minimise your exposure to air pollution by avoiding the areas near or downwind of the engine funnels . . .”

– Philippa Hobson, Senior Cardiac Nurse at The British Heart Foundation

Most of Carnival Corporation’s cruise ships burn the dirtiest fossil fuel available, heavy fuel oil. Ship exhaust — and especially heavy fuel oil exhaust — is well-documented to contain harmful pollutants including toxic heavy metals and particulate matter.

We recommend steering clear of Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, and the other Carnival brand cruise ships until they switch to a cleaner burning distillate fuel. Fill the form to receive more information about the health risks aboard Carnival’s ships.

Click here to learn more about air quality onboard Carnival Corporation’s ships.